Cenote SUP Tour

SUP in Casa Cenote 
and feel closer to nature

The sun shines straight through the crystal water of Casa Cenote, revealing an amazing natural world below your feet. Mangroves, natural life and jungle vibes for an stunning tour.

You can discover a cenote in many different ways, but stand up paddle boarding is a unique one. 
From above, as if you can walk all around it.
Start early in the morning
Be the first person out in the water and have all the place just for yourself. Combine the magic of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Snorkeling between the mangroves and the best local food for lunch.
Casa Cenote is especial
For the color of the water when the sun is shining, for all the birds, coatis and other wild animals who live there, for the little caves between the rocks of the bottom and the mangroves floating in the surface, and for many other things that you should discover.
The easiest place to paddle
Get everyone on the boards with you. Cenote’s calm and flat water is perfect to learn the basics of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Kids, grandpas, couples & small groups will have a blast there.
Go local
End your tour in the most authentic way, going to lunch to the kind of places just locals know. Best of the best.


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