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You can kite & we can help you

Learn to Kitesurf in Tulum Mexico
Thinking about how to kitesurf? 

While you would love to do it alone, the reality is that you need a certified instructor. 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, old or young, big or small, with good kitesurfing instruction anyone can learn to kitesurf. And get stoked for life!

Steps to kitesurfing

Learning how to kite is a linear process. You need to go step by step until you end up riding on your own. We’ll help you in the safest, fastest and funnest way possible.

Know exactly where you are in your kite learning journey with our kitesurfing step program.
Steps to Learn Kitesurfing Tulum
Customized Kite Lessons. Learn to Kitesurf in Tulum.
Lessons with radio helmets

Excellent kitesurf lessons need the highest technology. You will be in constant communication with your instructor. 

Be ready to hear us loud and clear in the water.
Customized Kite Lessons. Learn to Kitesurf in Tulum.
The most customized kite lessons:

Private: One on one instruction

60 USD/HOUR (from the 4th hour and onward)

Group (2 people): 
One instructor, one kite, two students of similar levels

40 USD/HOUR/PERSON (from the 4th hour)
Learn to Kitesurf in Tulum Mexico with Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf
Choose our kite school
Because in kitesurfing lessons the instructors make the difference.

Mauricio and his team of experienced and carefully selected IKO certified instructors will take personal interest in your success.


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