Lagoon SUP Tour

Escape from Tulum beach, 
SUP in Kaan Luum Lagoon

Have you ever thought about an empty lagoon surrounded by the most amazing vegetation? 
Have you ever thought about a complete flat water space where the sky is reflected? 
Kaan Luum lagoon is a place that seems built especially for Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
A quiet morning at the lagoon
When it is completely empty, just for you. When the sun has just risen and the reflection of the clouds in the water is incredibly clear. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, simply enjoy the peace.
SUP the loop
You can paddle the full loop around the lagoon. Close to the shore where the mangroves and palms grow wild.
Feel Kaan Luum's magic
Enjoy a short walk through the jungle, rub yourself with the real Mayan clay from the bottom, swim into the 80 meters deep cenote, relax in the wood deck, swim around or get a tan in one of the most well kept secrets places in Tulum.
Go local
Before returning to your hotel, enjoy one delicious lunch in an authentic local place. One local lunch made by locals for locals. 


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