SUP Lessons

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SUP lessons in Tulum?

Sieze the opportunity! Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) can be done without instruction, but taking a lesson elevates the experience to a very fun one. It takes just 1 hour and allows you to enjoy the sport, be safe and discover the wonderful feeling of moving over the water.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons in Tulum
Learn the SUP Basics

The first time you try standing up on a board you can feel like a baby trying to walk. Good news is, with just a little training you will enjoy a good paddle board session in Tulum beach.

Learn how to carry your board, ways to stand up, how to fall off, the correct posture, how to paddle and turn like a pro, the forward stroke and other basic techniques to enjoy the ride.

SUP is easier and faster to learn than other water sports. So go for it and enjoy Tulum from a different point of view.

SUP Surf Lessons in Tulum
Get into SUP Surf

Are you a flat water paddler? Curious about SUP surfing? Get into a whole new SUP level. 

Learn how to read the waves, position your board, paddle before wave hits and adjust your stroke. 

Learning to surf with a SUP is easier than a regular surf board. The large board makes it easier to catch Tulum' small and disorganized waves.

Come splash in the turquoise waves!



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